Community Groups

God has created each of us with a longing for authentic community, and at Horizon Church, we are loving what God is doing. He is turning neighbors into family, and there is always room for more.

See what we’re all talking about

As a church, we are always finding reasons to get together. For one reason or another, whether at our campus, at a park or downtown location, at someone’s home, or even on a road trip, we love getting together with our church family.

We encourage all our friends to discover the community group that best fits them. Our groups are all different as they vary in location, meeting time, frequency, size, gender makeup, children, season of life, and subject matter. However, they are all similar as they center around friendship, food, the Bible, mutual accountability and prayer. Our community groups are so important to us that we introduce them in our children’s ministry and utilize them throughout our youth ministry.

When the time is right for you, we are thrilled to take our intrigued guest through our weekend Explorer course. At this point, Horizon’s doctrine, denomination, history, mission, and values are fully presented. Then, if you desire, you can make the five promises of membership and let us help you find the place of ministry for which you have been custom-designed by God.