About Us

Enjoying Christ

We are a community of worshipers who passionately gather together for life-shaping worship and continually grow in Christ’s knowledge, character, and ways.

As beneficiaries of God’s love, it thrills us to gather for worship on Sunday mornings. Our worship service is the highlight of our week. We never tire of receiving fresh grace and passing it along to others.

Encouraging One Another

We are a community of worshipers who relationally connect and then happily commit to become members of our spiritual family.

God has created each of us with a longing for authentic community, and at Horizon Church, we are loving what God is doing. He is turning neighbors into family, and there is always room for more.

Engaging Our World

We are people individually sharing the Gospel with our neighbors, jointly serving with Upstate ministries, and ambitiously supporting global partners in pursuit of the vision of Christ.

We love finding opportunities to tell our family and neighbors the Good News we have found. And you have never seen anyone celebrate like we do when someone becomes a Christian brother or sister in Christ. At Horizon Church, we are all missionaries all the time—sharing Christ’s love, proclaiming his Gospel, making more disciples, and delighting our Father in heaven.

Meet our staff

Joe Franks

senior Pastor

Tori Hough

admin assistant

Scott Jacobs

Director of Worship

Cheley McDowell

Children's Director

Gordon Carpenter

Director of STUDENT Ministries

Tara Jacobs

Student Ministries Coordinator

Lindsay Impellizzeri

media coordinator

Erik Bianchi

video production

If you are searching for a church, it’s important to know the beliefs subscribed to by that particular congregation. At Horizon, one of the things we think the Bible teaches is the idea of a connected church. For that reason, we are a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America. Below you’ll find what we believe, along with believers all over the world, and especially our brothers and sisters in the PCA.

Horizon Church is a community created by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ alone. What binds us together is not common education, common race or common politics, common jobs or common accents, or anything of that sort, but the One who was crushed and pierced that we might be made whole and healed (Isa. 53:3-5).

We are a community that believes all of life should be interpreted through the lens of the Bible, that we might apply the wisdom of God to life’s joys, challenges and sorrows, in honest, encouraging and committed relationships. Horizon is connected with other like-minded churches in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) through the Calvary Presbytery.

Calvary Presbytery is one of 76 Presbyteries in the Presbyterian Church in America, which is a conservative, reformed, Bible teaching denomination. There are 44 Churches in Calvary Presbytery located in the upstate of South Carolina. Calvary Presbytery was formed on July 1, 1973 as the eighth Presbytery in the PCA. At that time Calvary Presbytery included the whole state of South Carolina. We grew to over 100 churches, and on January 1, 1984, we were divided by the formation of Palmetto Presbytery, comprising the lower part of South Carolina. Then on July 1, 1994 Fellowship Presbytery was formed out of Calvary Presbytery, this comprising the northeast counties of South Carolina.

We are a church committed to the inspired Word of God. It is more important to us than creeds, counsels, and any religious traditions of man. As a congregation in the PCA, our doctrinal views are stated well in the Westminster Confession of Faith which can be reviewed here.

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David Williford


When Horizon Church was birthed in 1998, the name “horizon” was chosen because of our emphasis on the awesome passion shown by the amazing person—Jesus of Nazareth—the eternal Son of God, and only Savior. In common understanding, the visual horizon is the point where heaven meets earth. That was perfectly personified in Jesus, who being God, entered into his own creation, became a man, with human appetites like the rest of us, yet without sin. A wise man once said: “He (the eternal Son) became what he was not (man) – without ceasing to be what He always was (God).” Heaven came to earth in one unique person—Jesus of Nazareth! He is our horizon—where heaven meets earth.

That is a bedrock belief of historic Christianity. When the Son of God was nailed to a Roman cross in the spring of 29 AD, he hung on the horizon between heaven and earth as the only redeemer for sinners. He is the only hope for earthbound mortals desiring real purpose and a future beyond our wildest dreams!

The horizon is also where we fix our gaze, dreaming and praying for the advancement of Christ’s glorious kingdom—here and around the world. Our investment in the global enterprise of getting the great, good news out to the nations is significant and we are thrilled to be a part of that worldwide operation!

If you are searching for significance and a future, we invite you to Horizon!