We too can sing!

In Acts 16, Paul and Silas find joy in the Christian life as they minister to others through happy times and times of suffering.

God We Believe; Help Our Unbelief!

As Acts 12 begins, the antichrists appear to be winning. Herod kills James and arrests Peter. Then, an angel of the Lord rescues Peter from his chains and frees him from his prison cell. Herod delivers an oration in his royal robes, but God has the final word.

Great Expectations

Acts 9:20-43: To everyone’s amazement, Saul begins proclaiming Jesus as the Son of God in the synagogues. Miracles continue, and believers multiply.

From Antichrist to Apostle

The story continues. In Acts 9, we read about the astonishing conversion of Saul, who, in the midst of his ardent dedication to persecuting Jesus and his disciples, was saved by the grace of God.

Freely Receive, Freely Give

Acts 8:1-25: Saul ravages the church, Philip proclaims Christ in Samaria, and Simon the Magician offers the apostles money to receive the Holy Spirit.