Horizon Leadership Institute

Welcome to Horizon Leadership Institute.  We are committed to helping you be better leaders and better followers as we serve Christ together.  Join us as we equip ourselves to better serve regardless of where God has us right now in our lives. 

What are we talking about?

Doing life with people can be a challenge whether you are leading a team or trying to be a productive member of one . . . at work, in your community, in our church and in our families.  We are excited to offer developmental opportunities for anybody desiring to be better leaders and more effective followers.  

Our classes are designed to promote better team dynamics and to help provide basic training for key leadership roles within Horizon.

We desire to implement interactive training and avoid long lectures of content and we want to have fun along the way.

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Foundations of Leadership: A look at basic principles & applications for leading yourself and others.  This study will arm you with practical applications on how to deal with people and get to know yourself.

Spiritual Gifts: A study in how to identify and exercise your spiritual gifts.  As believers we have all been given at least one spiritual gift and we will find passion and effectiveness when utilizing those gifts and in where we serve.  Come begin exploring or validating your gifts as we address how to know where God has called you to serve.

Gospel 101: Joe to provide 

Doctrines of the PCA: Joe to provide

Horizon Vision & Operational Strategies: God leads local churches to focus on a unique mission.   Carrying out that mission can also be very unique.   Come hear Horizon leadership walk you through where God has led Horizon and where you can plug in to serve.

Serving Christ as an Elder: God calls men to serve as elders based on their spiritual gifts.  We will explore together what that means if you were to pursue this position. 

Serving Christ as a Deacon: Likewise, God also calls men to serve as deacons.   Come get insight into what to expect.

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What's New?

Right now everything is, but check back here in the future for any new offerings or changes at HLI.

Thanks from our team to each of you considering jumping in.  We are glad to answer questions or even develop focused training for your current team to meet your specific needs.

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