Justin Davis

10703652_10154552390575142_8597467856797023186_nI love students and could never consider what I do a job. Growing up under the leadership of several great youth ministers, I know the importance and impact youth ministry can have on teens. I didn’t always love God. I got into trouble and even served some time, but through it all God’s never ceasing love succeeded in reaching out, drawing me to Himself, and rescuing me from my sin.

I have a beautiful wife and helpmate: Liz, two sons: Alex and Abel, and an adorable daughter: Jonah Grace. Add the many students that make up HYP and you could say I have a large family! I spend my time running with students constantly. When I do get a break, I minister through an evangelistic ministry called Prodigal Thief Ministries. Its a dramatic reenactment of my past coupled with the testimony of God’s amazing forgiveness and restoration. Wow, I just realized how very tired I am! God is good.

E-mail me at: [email protected]